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More Is More: 5 Ways To Embrace Maximalism With Lighting

While we will always be faithful to simple, elegant interiors, we strongly believe in expressing your personality and lifestyle through home decor. The Maximalist design philosophy is a chance for bold self-expression through an aesthetic of excess.

Imagine an expressionist painting – think Matisse, Kirschner or Pollock. The eclectic and vibrant splashes of colour, collision of textures, and clashing patterns are the main ingredients of Maximalism. Add luxurious fabrics, metallics, and bold statement lighting and you’re good to go!

1. An homage to art

The More Is More philosophy applies to absolutely everything but it certainly can’t exist without one thing – art! In other words, art should become your best friend. Instead of hanging one statement picture, line up your paintings and posters all together to create a wall art gallery at your home, and get inspired daily!

We also recommend experimenting with the positioning and spacing for an extravagant maximalist effect. Using different frames, mixing styles and colours is guaranteed to make an impression.

And if you’re not a fan of colourful walls, you can introduce colour into your home by hanging your art on a black or white background, and adding splashes of colour through decor items.

And most importantly – don’t forget to highlight your art collection with beautiful wall lighting!

You can hang simple wall lights to highlight your favourite pieces, or a decorative wall light to use as an art piece in itself. It’s a great idea to start your wall art collection with decorative wall lights – they’re both beautiful and functional!

Shop Wall Lights

Miron Double Wall Light
Miron Double Wall Light
Odyssey Wall Light Medium – Schwung
Odyssey Wall Light Medium – Schwung
Palm Wall Light
Palm Wall Light

Add a statement crystal chandelier to complement the lavish look. Antique or vintage chandeliers will add a sense of extravagance and magnificence to the room.

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Ettienne Vintage Cage Chandelier
Ettienne Vintage Cage Chandelier

Remember to add some sculptural lighting to the space! Be brave – go big and bold, have fun, and play with scale to make a statement. The bigger the better!

Whether it’s an oversized pendant lamp in the centre of your room, or a sculptural table lamp placed on a console table, you can’t go wrong with an item that’s both beautiful and functional.

And if you want to add a soft touch and warm glow to your room, go for light diffusing opal globes, as seen in Jonathan Adler’s vacation home in the picture above.

Shop Sculptural Lights

Stoneware Table Lamp Base
Stoneware Table Lamp Base
Odyssey Linear Chandelier – Schwung
Odyssey Linear Chandelier – Schwung
Retro Floor Lamp XL
Retro Floor Lamp XL

4. Colour Explosion!

By now, you’ve probably realised that maximalism can’t exist without vibrant colours. This is a chance to go really bold with colour, and express your unique personality. If you feel confident at mixing and matching colours, you can go with retro hues such as bubblegum pink or mustard yellow.

But don’t worry if you don’t feel that confident yet – you can simply pick your favourite colour and fill the space with various shades of the same hue. As a result, you will introduce colours to your room without being overwhelmed by them.

Another great way to add a pop of colour to your home is through colourful lighting. One of our favourite colourful lighting options is the bestselling Horizon Pendant by Ebb&Flow. Warm shades, soft colours, and translucent glass bring a weightless feel to this beautiful mouthblown glass pendant. Mix different colours and sizes by hanging these pendant lights in a cluster formation for a creative and vibrant look.

And remember, you can always update your table lamps and floor lamps with a new colourful lamp shade to instantly refresh the look of your home.

5. Indoor Jungle

Last but not least, don’t forget about a beautiful collection of house plants to complement the maximalist interior style look. The jungle theme remains the main character in many maximalist homes, from a colourful jungle wallpaper in the bedroom to tropical plant species in the bathroom.

Mix and match big and small plants, palms, succulents, and blooming flowers. This will add another dimension of shapes, textures and tones to your space. Use large plants to fill empty corners, and add hanging plants to limited spaces. Our favourite plants include fiddle leaf fig, snake plant, fern, dracanea, and rubber plant. You can place them in ceramic flower pots, wicker baskets, or mismatched pottery.

The maximalist style is guaranteed to bring fun and happiness to the forefront of your home.

This style might not be to everyone’s taste, but if you are looking for new ways to express yourself, consider embracing the ‘More Is More’ philosophy.

Meanwhile, keep checking our blog for more tips on how to choose the right lighting for any interior.