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Meet Sophia – the owner of Ruby Watts

“Sophia taught me the importance of a well lit home and I am so pleased I took her advice. My home has different lighting settings for the morning and evening, I absolutely love it.” – Angelina

Growing up in the family of artists, Sophia always knew she wanted to do creative things in life. Born in West London, she studied Graphic Design, and Interactive Design with Film at the University of the Arts London. Along with her studies, she was working as a freelancer in film for 4 years, and spent 2 years working in the fashion industry.

The experience gained in these creative industries brought her to Ruby Watts Lighting in 2014. Back then it was a small antique lighting boutique based in West Sussex, founded by her mother Clarissa and mother’s sister, Carolyne. Sophia joined the family business and soon became the owner of the company.

Sophia’s mission is to educate people on the importance of well-lit spaces. She offers bespoke consultancy service and has an extensive knowledge in lighting gained through her creative background, ever-growing passion for design, and a ceaseless desire to learn. Sophia’s expertise and friendly approach are valued by the clients who trust her with providing the perfect lighting for their home designs.

When she’s not sourcing the lights, handling deliveries, or talking to clients, Sophia loves the outdoors and enjoys spending time in the nature. She takes inspiration from travelling and exploring the culture – architecture, museums, art and sculptures.

Email [email protected] to book a bespoke consultation or call +44(0)1273 282340. You can also get in touch with us through the live chat.